Domestic worker problems

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stay @ home mom
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Domestic worker problems

Unread post by stay @ home mom » 13 Jun 2011, 16:09

My domestic worker has been employed for a year and +-5 months (total of 4 years on and off)

She gets paid more than the min wage. I give her accommodation and food at no cost. she takes her breaks at her own time. Food and beverage are at her disposal when ever she needs it and limitless.
The maids quarters is not suitable to my liking so she has to sleep in tv room till we are by the means to repair it.

She starts working @ 8 we have a tv in my sons room and my room so she watches tv as she works and often has coffee @the same time (all day). She records her soapies on the decoder and watches them @ night and again during the day while she cleans.

She however does not have a way of talking @times and if she is moody then i have to stay out of her way. which is difficult cause i am at home all day. She also thinks nothing of pointing out my faults. She hit my son once and i gave her a verbal warning. My mother lives with me and is old and says things with out thinking and she disrespects my mother when she feels like it.

Basically she does what she wants when she wants, says what ever she wants. She is allowed to phone home when ever she wants @ no cost. when she is sick i by meds and shes off till shes better and I never do deductions. when shes done cleaning for the day she goes and naps. she will iron @night or weekends by her own choice.

every month she runs a tab by my mom and myself and sometimes my husband 2 buy cigarettes, i bought her a cell phone on my acc and she is to pay me 200 a month along with her cigarette tab. She then dictates to me how much to deduct.

i dont hav it in me to talk to her so i guess thats why she wlks over me.

i have 3 kids and do everything for them. i am currently expecting and i am insulin dependent with a lower back problem. since approaching my 18th wk of pregnancy i can no longer bath them myself. our agreement is that when i cant do it which is never except now and refuses.

I can trust her, shes a good and loyal employee and when she ask for a increase or loan she gets. i however hav had enough with her moods and disrespect. she'll be going home @ the end of the month for 2 wks holiday and 3 weeks in december. She comes up whenever she feels like it in Jan.

her duties are cleaning my house, washing and ironing and cleaning the kitchen after meals. As fr food she eats what ever i hav cooked for supper often 1-2 big servings of food. when we do take outs she gets the same. on the odd occasion we go to spur and she goes and not to watch the kids.
when its her birthday she gets a gift frm each of my children. when she goes home she leaves with gifts for her grandfather and son. when my husband and i go out my kids go with me and my mother does everything for herself.

where do i stand and what can i do?

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Re: Domestic worker problems

Unread post by nicoleneerasmus » 13 Jun 2011, 20:47

I sometimes can't believe what I read! You will not have the heart to discipline this person, so it would serve no purpose to tell you what to do. I suggest you get a consultant to do this. She should be placed on a final written warning. As easy as that. But in a meeting where her duties are pointed out to her. She has become the boss, and it is going to be difficult to change the situation. If you need the contact details of a consultant, please contact Labour Guide. They will refer you to the right person.

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Re: Domestic worker problems

Unread post by Denley02 » 09 Apr 2013, 11:43

I don't know so much about all these thing and I am not running any campaign but I just read some thing about the domestic workers, As well as speaking out for our rights we also solve each other’s practical problems, because when domestic workers flee from abusive employers it is their fellow domestic workers to whom they turn for help. We find each other emergency accommodation and pool our resources to provide food and clothing .

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Re: Domestic worker problems

Unread post by Lizette.eevz » 04 Aug 2016, 13:50

Hi, I registered and would like to ask a new a question under "new topic" however I cannot find this new topic icon. Please can I have some guidance in this regard? Lizette

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