Minimum wages for truck drivers

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Minimum wages for truck drivers

Unread post by VIC » 08 May 2009, 07:38

The Company (it is a PTY.LtD Company)has approached a worker that has been driving truck under code 10 since starting (2 Yrs). Now they demand that this person must drive a code 14 truck as he is licenced to do so without extra remuneration, but the responsibilities are more as the risk and value of the items (building material) increases.
The question is:
1) Are there min wages for code 14 drivers in comparison to code 10 drivers
2) Can the company force a employee to do this without compensation

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Re: Minimum wages for truck drivers

Unread post by wmburger » 11 May 2009, 16:07

Their is no minimum wages for truck drivers.

Every employee does not get remuneration for every duty that one must do.
The employee can discuss the remuneration with his/her employer.
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