No Pay, No work.

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No Pay, No work.

Unread post by RezayFynn2014 » 06 Apr 2018, 15:36


I just would like to know if i will or could be dismissed for the following.

I get paid weekly & worked an entire week, the Easter weekend was fast approaching and i asked my Boss will we be paid the 29th and he was unsure.

The 29th came and we were not paid so i knew that we would be paid on the 30th as we get paid weekly (every friday) the 30th came and i still did not get paid......i waited up until the second and still no wages, i returned to work Tuesday the 3rd. I raised the question to my collegues asking whos been paid. some say they got paid the 29th some say the 1st etc......

i then approached my manager and asked him why have we not been paid and he then mentioned that we did, i said look i have proof that there is no money in my account - i told him i dont feel comfortable working and i have not been paid and then he said i must leave if i would like to and i left, went home slept on it and still on the 4th i was not paid. i went to the bank again for a statement and saw that the money was only put in on the 3rd, probably after consulting my manager.

I sent him a message letting him know that i recieved my wages and will be returning back to work the thursday, he told me not to bother and only to come in when i get a call from the labour lawyer. I got a call today and they have arranged for a hearing for me on monday. Is there a posibility that i might be fired?

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Re: No Pay, No work.

Unread post by IRgunther » 08 Apr 2018, 15:09

There is. You have the right to state your case at the hearing and if unhappy with the outcome, to refer it to the CCMA.

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