Deductions after resignation.

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Deductions after resignation.

Unread post by lyndahdube » 09 Oct 2017, 12:48

Good day,

I have a question regarding resignation.

I've resigned from the company I work for effective 15 December 2017. Upon finding out that I am resigning, my employer has requested a recall on studies onto my salary effective end of this month. I would like to know what the legalities around this are. Is my employer allowed to deduct money from my salary and if yes, how much?

I have not given permission to my employer to deduct any monies and the studies that I did were in line with CPD (continuous professional development).

Please assist as I need to know how to reply to the email.

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Re: Deductions after resignation.

Unread post by IRgunther » 14 Oct 2017, 15:43

Good day

The employer may not deduct without your consent and even if consented to, the amount deducted may not exceed 25% of the total amount paid out. Approach the Department of Labour to intervene.

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