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Urgent Assistance

Unread post by Nicky241 » 11 Sep 2017, 11:20

Good day,

I have been employed at a company from April however due to the company instability and the company being on the verge of closing down some employees have been retrenched, I am one of the few that weren't. From June we have all been left in the dark about what is happening and are left to feel stressed and unsure. We have 2 offices and the one here in Durban, it is only two of us. however the lady has now resigned leaving just me.
In our JHB Branch 2 employees resigned as well.

I have a job offer in which the company wishes for me to start first week next month . My contract here states a calendar months notice, I really don't want to let go of this new opportunity as the package and growth opportunities are unbelievable.
My employer is not open to the idea of negotiation regarding my notice, is there anything else that I can do?

Please help.

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Re: Urgent Assistance

Unread post by IRgunther » 04 Oct 2017, 17:02

Good day

The employer is entitled to hold you to your notice and if you leave prematurely, the employer may sue you for you for damages sustained as result of your premature departure. The employer will however need to prove quantified damages, which might prove difficult if this recourse is not provided for in the employment contract and having regard to the nature of your position with the employer.

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