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Unread post by JohanitaSlabbert » 13 Apr 2017, 09:14

Good Morning,

I currently have 6 teams that work on the road, each team consists of =- 6-9 people. There is also a team manager for each team and this person is responsible to nsure that the team gets to their certain sites and completes their daily projects on time. My employees are paid fortnightly and the team manager as well as admin etc are paid mnthly. Every fortnight the lady in HR distributes the pack of fortnightly wages to one of the team managers and they will then split them up and hand them to the respective team leaders to hand out to their team. The payslips are sealed already. I have now been approached from one of the team managers stating it is in fact illegal to hand out the entire pack to one team managers and that they should already be split into their respective teams(this is very time consuming and it is more beneficial for me to have them split it themselves). Supposedly 4 team memebers did not receive their payslips and hence the situation of who is legally allowed to distribute the sealed payslips has now come up.

Please advice on what prosedure needs to be done with regards to the distribution of these payslips?

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