Absenteeism- Dismissal

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Absenteeism- Dismissal

Unread post by Chavonneh » 01 Aug 2016, 11:25

Good day,

One of our employees has been absent for six days today. We have tried several times to contact him via his contact details, his wife and sister but no one answers their phones.

I sent him a telegram on the 5th day (last Friday) that should he not return or make contact with us by close of business today (Monday the sixth day) we will terminate his services.

Do we need to have a disciplinary hearing in his absence or can we just terminate his services if we do not hear from him?

Please advise.

Kind regards,


Jan du Toit
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Re: Absenteeism- Dismissal

Unread post by Jan du Toit » 01 Aug 2016, 20:58

You may now merely terminate employment and advice the employee acccordingly. You must however, should he retrun to work at a later stage, give him the opportunity to defend (appeal).
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Re: Absenteeism- Dismissal

Unread post by Lizette.eevz » 04 Aug 2016, 14:17

Good morning,
My domestic worker has worked for me for the past 14 years. She only works on average 4 - 5 hours per day. Twice a week on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Despite numerous meetings and requests for her to sign a contract she has refused to do so - last meeting was about 4 months ago. I pay her R80.00 a day (although the recommended hourly rate is R11.44). She lives right next door to us as she also works for my neighbor and lives in on their property. Her reasons for not signing the contract is that she is required to have flexibility as she must visit the clinic regularly and she also works for the neighbor in the afternoon. She considers herself a day worker.

She is fast approaching 60 years of age and are of ill health. (She has an injury to her leg which cause her pain, she is constantly sick....) She is not able to do all the work that is required by her. I had several meetings with her in the past 3 years in this regard. She always assures me that she is physically able to do the work. Then for a short while it goes better then back to square 1.

My problem however is, on Tuesday August 2 she did not show up for work (as she has done in the past). Our agreement is that she must always let me know if she is not going to come in for the day and she is required to inform me at least a day in advance, which she agreed to (which she normally does). However this time she did not let me know. I phoned her 3 times on Tuesday but she did not answer. Only at about 16:00 did she answer the phone. I asked her why she did not come in and she informed me that she is ill. I understand that if we all get ill from time to time but we all have to follow the employers protocol in the case of being absent from work. I asked her why she did not let me know the previous evening and she told me that she was sleeping and she did not have airtime. I told her that I live 20 meters from her room and she could have send me a please call me. She did not answer me on this. When I asked her why she did not answer the phone when she clearly could see it was me phoning, I was told that she could not answer because see had rub medicine on her throat and could not talk for the day. My response to this was that you are telling stories and you are not truthful. She then put the phone down in my ear. I though I dropped the call and I phoned her back 6 times and in all instances she cancelled the call so I have not been able to talk to her.

I would like to dismiss her based on that fact that she had been dishonest, did not keep me informed and most of all disrespectful to me. She broke our trust relationship and I cannot trust her again.

I still have her money for July as I was to give it to her on Tuesday. When I home she had left the neighbor's premises to go to her own home for voting. I have not seen her at all. She has made no effort to make contact with me since the incident on Tuesday.

How do I address this and how do I go forward?



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