Temporary Employed for 9 months - No contract - Pay just reduced

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Temporary Employed for 9 months - No contract - Pay just reduced

Unread post by funkstar23 » 27 Jul 2016, 10:46


I have been employed for 9 months for an extremely unprofessional employer. Constantly using foul language, only pointing to negatives, making false promises and actively lying to all employees.

At present he has promised contracts, but after 9 months it is all talk and no action. Legally am I not supposed to be made permanent or some sort of contract offered?

Also, I received a salary and this was increased after good service. I run the entire operation. However, due to his perceived and obvious excuses saying "what the fuck do I pay you for? I should just reduce the salary" with further excuse of "it is off season and we do not make enough money". This is absurd as I see all finances and we have made more money than the previous few months. He then cut my salary without officially informing me.

I feel mistreated and cannot secure another job just yet, and want to quit.

Is any of this grounds to sue?

Please advise.

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