Acting Allowance

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Acting Allowance

Unread post by JAG123 » 25 Jun 2012, 19:15

I put together the below for anyone who will be getting an "Acting Allownace"

Can you please assist in what can be added or be amended?

Acting Proposal in a higher grade position


This proposal will apply to all permanent employees of __________.


• The aim is to provide the following:

• That as far as possible employees are afforded exposure and development opportunities through acting (amongst other developmental means)

• That continuity in the provision of services is ensured during times of unexpected vacancies.


• The opportunity to act in a higher graded position is always of a temporary nature.
• Acting should be utilised as a development tool.
• Cognisance should be given to the succession plan (if any) when employees are considered for acting.
• Care should be taken not to create an expectation of being appointed in the higher graded position. For this reason, period for the acting should be specified.


An opportunity for acting in a higher graded position applies only where a vacant and authorised post exists. The relevant authorisation form for acting appointments must therefore be completed and signed before appointing people to act.

Acting is at the discretion of the Line manager and/ or Senior manager concerned.

Staff with potential/capability should be chosen to act. Cognisance must be taken of the Employment Equity policy and succession planning (if any). Preference should therefore be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups.

The incumbent should be notified in writing, of the position in which he/she is to act and the effective dates. He/she should also be informed of the outputs required in the higher graded position and any other conditions such as signing authority, etc. He/she should acknowledge receipt of the above in writing.

The onus is on the line manager to ensure the necessary support, (e.g. that training and development), is in place for the acting employee in or to cope with the demands of the job.

Acting in a higher graded position is only allowed for a maximum period of three months/or reasonable time. After three months/or reasonable time, the next alternative candidates should be identified to act. However, should such a person be unavailable, written permission should be obtained from the Senior Manager of the department for an additional period to act and such permission should be approved by the General Manager.

It should be made clear to employees, that acting in a position does not entitle them to preferential treatment in appointment to that position. The vacancy must be filled through the company’s recruitment and selection as well as employment equity procedures. A relevant declaration form in this regard must be completed and signed.

The payment of an acting allowance is only applicable to junior employees acting in a higher graded position; this includes periods when junior employees act in middle management positions.

The additional remuneration shall be paid in the form of an allowance and shall be equivalent to the increment which would be granted to the employee concerned should such an employee be promoted to the position in which he/she is acting.

Managers do not receive remuneration for acting as this is deemed as a developmental opportunity.

Communication should be ensured to relevant stakeholders on acting arrangements to ensure smooth flow of business.

Trainees/or Bursary holders are excluded on Acting.


Line managers and Human Resources department.


Formulation : Human Resources
Authorisation : CEO
Execution : Line managers


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Re: Acting Allowance

Unread post by leeroypick » 27 Jul 2016, 16:05

My supervisor resigned 24hours and I had to take charge for 25 day till the post was filled do I qualify for the acting allowance for that period

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