Is this victimising

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Is this victimising

Unread post by Hannelie1974 » 15 Jul 2018, 15:04

I am a financial accountant now for 5 years at manufacturing company.

I do have Bipolar 1 disorder. I am also a line manager . Recently I have received a warning for forgetting to release weekly wages for one of the branches. At the same time my colleauge did not pay the municipality fees. He didnt received warning.

This was first warning I ever received in working place. After that I had a bad relationship with colleauge.

My manager doesnt make any efforts to accommodate my disorder. I was diagnosed in 1998.

He tends to make it impossible for me. Although we have deadlines to meet he almost gave me a warning for working overtime. He is inconsist in many ways.

I am hard working and always giving my best despite of my illness. I was once absent for 3 weeks during my employment with company. I am also studying towards my hon. I must beg for leave. My own leave to get time to study.

I am struggling to complete my work in due time. My colleage messed up and I had to fix it. When I asked to work overtime his reply was no. He said I had enough time. I strongly disagree.

Is there any actions can take?

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