Medical condition being ignored by the manager

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Medical condition being ignored by the manager

Unread post by Moipone » 20 Jun 2018, 11:57

Good day,

I was diagnosed with depression in 2017 since that time my doctor put me on a chronic medication which is hindering from driving long distances.

My medical report was submitted to HR and Extended Sick Leave teams in June2017, later on I got a letter for ESL indicating that my ESL was approve. I was told by my manager that they have handed over my report to company doctors who will be able to indicate to them if they should accommodate my health status, up to now I have not heard from the company doctor.

Earlier this year I lost my baby (got miscarriage) due to strain and stress. My doctor even organised a psychologist for me.

I got sick again this year when I contacted my Doctor she indicated that I have relapsed and I was admitted again. Same thing as last time happened I submitted my reports and everything to HR and ESL, ESL letter indicating approval has been issued already and my manager said she has referred my matter to wellness up to now I have not heard from company doctors.

My problem and my fear now is that my employer is ignoring my situation and want me to put my life in danger by driving a state car from Pretoria to Alberton while I can’t even drive my own car.

Everyday I got emails from my line manager and the manager ordering me drive to Alberton. I am now afraid that the will end up building a case against for Insubordination and I also feel like the are pushing a constructive dismissal. What should I do I am really not doing well health wise.

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