Security Guards on Site

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Security Guards on Site

Unread post by LouissTRI » 13 Jun 2018, 15:47

If I have a Security Service Provider on my Site, I am correct in saying that they need to abide by Companies Health and Safety Policy?.
So my next question is two fold:

1. What must / can I request from them, that they have to implement and bring to the table in terms of Health and Safety compliance on my Site as a Service Provider - i.e. Their own First Aid Box; Their own Health and Safety File; Signed Induction Forms from my Company; a Copy of their Health and Safety Plan; a Copy of their Health and Safety Policy; etc.

2. Can / must I request them to have trained Health and Safety personnel on my Site (even though I have Trained personnel of my own)?
I was told that if there is less than 6 Guards (Dayshift) & 6 Guards (Nightshift), that they do not have to have them trained in Health and Safety...


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