Unfair treatment at work

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Unfair treatment at work

Unread post by Khwadiba » 11 Jun 2018, 16:31

Good day

I am working at Mercedes-Benz Financial services under the agency Merchants.
We are being unfairly treated, I will write down all the queries below.

1. 30 minutes lunch, we work 8 hours and 30 minutes.
2. We are being under paid, we earn R6300 P.M whereas the company pays the agency 3x that.
3. We are not allowed to go to the restroom, if you spent more than 5 min in a day you need to explain why.
4. We are being told everyday that we will be fired hence we are not permanent.
5. Annual leaves are declined, they will only approve when they want, but some agents get more than a week s leave non-negotiated, Favouritism plays a huge role.
6. If you are sick for a day you are required to provide a sick note for one day or you sign a warning or unpaid.
I would like the company to be investigated as I feel they do not follow South African labour law rules and we are being treated unfairly

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