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GMR 2.1

Unread post by Ruanvelle » 05 Apr 2018, 12:29

Good day.
I'm to be appointed as Gmr 2.1 but need to know exactly what my responsibility will be. The SHEQ manager said that the 16.1 and 16.2 needs to list and confirm what machines I will be responsible for,so that in the event of an accident happening on a machine that was not mentioned in the responsibilities list, I cannot be held responsible.
1. Is the Gmr. 2.1 not automatically responsible for all machines?
2. After signing the appointment paperwork , am I also saying that all machines are safe for work , or can I stipulated that only machines that I have assessed are safe while further assessment of other machines are in the process of being done?

Thank you

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Re: GMR 2.1

Unread post by Maxicus » 06 Apr 2018, 08:34


are you appointed as a competent person as described by the General Machinery regulations:

(a) has served an apprenticeship in an engineering trade which included the operation
and maintenance of machinery, or has had at least five years' practical experience in
the operation and maintenance of machinery, and who during or subsequent to such
apprenticeship or period of practical experience, as the case may be, has had not less
than one year's experience in the operation and maintenance appropriate to the class
of machinery he is required to supervise;
(b) has obtained an engineering diploma in either the mechanical or electrotechnical
(heavy current) fields with an academic qualification of at least T3 or N5, or of an
equivalent level, and who subsequent to achieving such qualification has had not less
than two years' practical experience in the operation and maintenance appropriate to
the class of machinery he is required to supervise;
(c) is a graduate engineer and has had not less than two years' post-graduate practical
experience in the operation and maintenance appropriate to the class of machinery he
is required to supervise and who has passed the examination on the Act and the
regulations made there under, held by the Commission of Examiners in terms of
regulations E5 (2) of the regulations published under Government Notice R.929 of 28
June 1963; or
(d) is a certificated engineer;

Answer 1.
not technically. if you are competent as above within A,B or C you can only be held responsible for the machines you are qualified to supervise.

for example:
the General Machinery regulations specify the following:
the sum of the power generated by machinery on or in the premises in question and the power derived from other sources, including the generation of steam for process purposes, exceeds 1200 kW, but is less than 3000 kW, the person designated in terms of subregulation (1) shall be a person as referred to in paragraph (b), (c) or (d) of the definition of "competent person";

let me take our site as an example. we have Boilers on site generating steam that exceeds 1200 kW, we also generate more than 1200 kW of electricity. now, if you have a qualified electrician and Boiler technician that has more than 1 years experience operating and maintain both the boilers and electrical machinery then you are in luck, you can appoint him for both. but if for example the electrician has no experience on boilers, i think it will be unfair to make him responsible for the boilers.

Answer 2.
determining if the machines are safe to work will probably be one of your appointment duties. by signing your appointment you don't sign to say the machines are safe. you sign that you will ensure they become safe.

I would suggest after signing that you do an assessment on all machines, vibration, thermographic imaging etc, and stipulate which machines are unsafe and safe.

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