Housekeeping regulations

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Housekeeping regulations

Unread post by wilkoh123 » 23 Feb 2018, 16:19

Good day,

I would appreciate some clarity/suggestions wrt to paragraph 6(3) of the Environmental regulation for workplaces (Reg 2281). This regulation states that no article may be disposed from a high place except by hoist or chute unless arrangements have been made to "secure the safety who may be struck by falling objects." (sic)

Our safety committee is in my opinion a little overzealous in applying this regulation. We have storage shelves that we use to store mostly electronic equipment on (computers, screens, power supplies, test equipment, etc) but also some of the manufacturing work that is in process. These WIP items are kept in small cardboard boxes and mostly weigh under 5kg. We also have lockers and workers store small items like shoes, etc on top of it sometimes. The typical height of the highest shelves are around 1.5-1.7m. I have received a recommendations to "clear equipment from shelves above eye level or provide a ladder". If I do this I will lose a very large part of my storage capacity.

So, my questions:
1. What is considered a "high place" and are shelves as listed above considered a high place? Is there an objective measure/definition of this, because eye height seems a bit arbitrary?
2. What "arrangements" are typically allowed/done in industry to comply with the "arrangements" part of the regulation? Can I say something like only items weighing less than 2kg may be stored on the shelf and that it must fit completely on the shelf with a steady base?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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