Consignee Duties

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Consignee Duties

Unread post by Robert62 » 07 Feb 2018, 11:01


Can you please assist. We are a producer of water treatment chemicals and as such have many deliveries of hazardous chemicals. In terms of the NRTA, its regulations and other acts, regulations and standards we as the consignee are not allowed to offload a non-compliant vehicle.

Below are some of the relevant paragraphs.

(1) A consignor or consignee of goods shall not offer goods or accept goods if the
vehicle in which it is transported is not loaded in terms of the provisions for the loading and
transportation of goods as prescribed in this Act.

330D. Consignor or Consignee to insure goods to be carried on a motor vehicle
and the motor vehicle
A consignor or consignee of goods shall not transport goods on a public road or accept
goods unless such transportation is fully insured for damages that can occur as a result of an
incident. ".

What are the implications and possible legal actions that can be implemented should we not adhere to this as consignee. We currently have checks in place for all vehicle getting loaded from our side and enforce a strict rule of 100% compliance where we act as the consignor or transporter.

Where possible can past legal case studies be provided.


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Re: Consignee Duties

Unread post by tinus » 08 Feb 2018, 13:28

Hi Robert

Unfortunately not able to assisst.

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