Governing of Vehicles

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Governing of Vehicles

Unread post by Andredt » 23 Jan 2018, 09:46

Is there a specific speed at which self propelled mobile vehicles must be governed (such as Forklifts and tow motors) according to a specific standard?
Also, is there a difference between the speed at which a forklift may travel INSIDE the factory and OUTSIDE the factory.

I want to issue a directive for having our Forklifts and tow motors governed inside @ 8km/hr and forklifts outside @ 20km/hr.

Any advise?

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Re: Governing of Vehicles

Unread post by tinus » 01 Feb 2018, 13:43

Hi there

Not directly addressed by the DMR of the OHSA.

Would BE determined by your issued based risk assessment (NOTE: keep you specific work environment in mind as well as the manufactures instructions).

Tinus Boshoff
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