Day Zero - No water supplied by municipality

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Day Zero - No water supplied by municipality

Unread post by Geine_CPT » 17 Jan 2018, 10:19

Hi all,
I'm an HR in Cape Town and I have become concerned with the drought we are facing here. I would like to put in place a contingency plan for, should the taps be turned off, our employees are still able to come to work. I understand that OHSA provides provisions for facility regulation and sanitation, however this is an extreme case. Could you possibly advise if there are already plans of this nature which has happened before ? What should be provided in these circumstances? Thank you!

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Re: Day Zero - No water supplied by municipality

Unread post by tinus » 18 Jan 2018, 09:41

Hi Geine

Yes, the water shortage creates a unique situation for Cape Town.

Most of the employers provide water dispensers for drinking water and also place containers with additional water in the bathrooms (for the washing of hands and the flushing of toilets when the water is cut off).

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Re: Day Zero - No water supplied by municipality

Unread post by MarkSassman » 12 Feb 2018, 08:24

Good day.

I am on our health and safety committee at my place of work and also find ourselves in a bit of a situation at our work.
I've been asked to sit down with management as we've had severe restrictions been put in place. as above,we also in Cape town but our employee has already switched off all running water in the toilets,we have limited access to the kitchen (which currently is the only source of running water).
dispensed water has been taken away from all staff. Hand towels in the toilets have been taken out. Toilets have been divided into one for "yellow and one for Brown" yellow toilets have no toilet paper and the females have been advised to bring their own "saniwipes" when using the yellow toilets which dont need toilet paper. hand sanitisers have been placed in toilets.

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