Appointment Breach

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Appointment Breach

Unread post by Maxicus » 18 Dec 2017, 09:37

Good Day.

I would like to confirm something regarding appointment letters and a safety organogram structure.

Lets say my Safety structure looks something like this:
- Section 16(1) CEO
* Section 16(2) Production Manager
> Section 8(2)(i) Supervisor
* Section 16(2) Maintenance Manager
> Section 8(2)(i) Supervisor
* Section 16(2) SHE Manager
> Section 17(1) SHE Rep
> GAR 9(2) Investigator
> GSR 5 Confined space supervisor
> etc

The CEO will appoint all the department managers and they will appoint their own supervisors.

The SHE Manager is responsible to appoint most of the other appointees, such as SHE Reps, First Aiders, Scaffold Inspectors, Power Tool inspector, etc.

If to say that the person who inspects the ladders is the Maintenance Manager (also Section 16(2) Appointee);
and the SHE Manager (also Section 16(2) Appointee) is responsible to appoint all other appointees, and would in normal circumstances appoint the ladder inspector. CAN:
1. the SHE Manager appoint the Maintenance Manager as the Ladder inspector?
2. the Maintenance Manager appoint himself and acknowledge that he is the ladder inspector?
3. the CEO appoint the maintenance manager as the ladder inspector?

(which one of the above will be acceptable and legal?)

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Re: Appointment Breach

Unread post by tinus » 05 Jan 2018, 08:20

Hi Maxicus

Trust all is well.

Because the maintenance manager is a section 16(2) appointee it would be advisable that “3. the CEO appoint the maintenance manager as the ladder inspector”.

Tinus Boshoff
Health and Safety Expert
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