Number of HSE Appointments per Person

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Number of HSE Appointments per Person

Unread post by RoccoKoen » 05 Dec 2017, 12:39

Hi Thinus,

I just read something which I found very interesting in the inquiry of the Tongaat Mall collapse. One of the preliminary findings was: "In further evidence it emerged that the building site foreman had been assigned six safety posts, when the law only allowed for a person to hold a maximum of two such posts."

Where does it state that a person is only allowed to have two safety posts (and I assume here, they talk about safety appointments)? I find many contractors that appoint one person for numerous positions.

Your help will be appreciated.



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Re: Number of HSE Appointments per Person

Unread post by tinus » 06 Dec 2017, 11:36

Hi Rocco

In my view a person could be appointed for more than one function as long as the person is competent to perform the task.

Tinus Boshoff
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