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How does Acts and Regulations work?

Posted: 22 Nov 2017, 10:25
by Blomi1209
Hi There,

I am having trouble with the referencing of Acts and Regulations, specifically when the Act has been amended.

My task is to create a legal register which identifies Acts their Regulations, and how they apply to us.

My problem is when referencing an act, how do I know I have the correct and updated version.

Taking an example:

I referenced the Tobacco Products and Control Act, 1993 - there has been amendments of this act.
I found the 2008/2009 amendment, but with regards to smoking in public places, where I have referenced Section 2A, the amendment act is all about advertising and distribution of tobacco and not showing me the smoking in public places section. The amendment act has no relevance to the topic i want to reference. So.. how do I reference the Act using this section?
Do i still reference it as Tobacco Products and Control Act, 1993, section 2A (with its description)..... or do I mention the amendment act?

I am so confused and I have a deadline on this.

Please help, thank you very much :-)

Best Regards, Gisela

Re: How does Acts and Regulations work?

Posted: 22 Nov 2017, 14:34
by tinus
May I advise that you use a electronic version like Data Dynamics. You can subscribe to the applicable Acts and it is updated on a weekly basis.