HIV POZ, Physical Disability (Knee), Major depression disorder with Anxiety at work

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HIV POZ, Physical Disability (Knee), Major depression disorder with Anxiety at work

Unread post by ThDrew » 02 Aug 2017, 12:04

Good day

I have been working for 2 years and 7 months with SETA, upon my interview i let them know i have a physical disability. later on due to work demands i went under stress and had to see a psychiatrist and i was hospitalized and i was diagnosed with major depression. and my sick leave were depleted by then, later on i found out i am hiv and my cd4 count was 145 and had to start treatment, i had all kind of sores on my body that did not allow me to come to work as they were itchy and sometimes nauseous - side effects of trivenz. that lead me being in and out of work. i have received a warning after i explained and gave them lab results. recently my knee completely locked and was unable to walk a distance and had to go to emergency room of which the doctor advised i need to remove the fermur nail, i reported it to my manager together with the dr's note, my HR advised it will be 'no work no pay situation' i declined and advised i will undergo the surgery during the shut down period as i am only a bread winner and a parent. lately i had a car accident and pressed the same knee hard, the doctor sung the same story but i could not go work.

All this above resulted me going to disciplinary hearing. what is likely an outcome of such case in a disciplinary hearing?

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