Reduction of scope and salary

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Reduction of scope and salary

Unread post by TBCMahlangu » 20 Jul 2017, 15:04

I have been with my current company for over 10 months (employed since October 2016), after encountering a few work related issues a performance review was implemented in April (7 month within the job) by my managers, i was called back in June and was notified that my performance still lacks therefore there will be a reduction of scope togther with a reduction of salary as from July 2017. My orginal salary was R20 000 per month and now the new proposed salary is R12 000! I informed my seniors that i was not happy with the descision and that we must rather opt for training or negotiation, however this was declined and was informed that i will be recieving the new propsed salary package. I haven't signed any acknowledgment that i agree to the terms but have been informed that salary will be cut as of July month end.

Please advise if the implemented action is indeed within the labour law and what grounds do i have to report to the labour law.

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