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Re: Fixed Term Contracts

Unread post by Charlies » 22 Jun 2017, 10:33

Dear Mr Charlie, Kindly accept this as an acknowledgement of your email. May we set up a skype call for Friday. We will be in the N. Cape Kimberly. Will 14h00 suit you. If possible, Mrs Pheiffer can you be available for this meeting. Once everyone has confirmed we will go ahead. Kind regardsLerato From: Elton Charlies []
Sent: Tuesday, 20 June 2017 3:20 PM
To: Lerato Mathenjwa <>
Subject: Employment Contract Dear Lerato. Hope my mail finds you well and all is well. The reason I am mailing you this that I have been in communication with Mrs. Phfeiffer, since last week. what I have been told by Mrs Pfeiffer is that there will be a change in both mine and Mr Vernon Vermeulen contracts. I do not understand why this is happening and i was shocked to hear the sudden change in contracts. I was told by Mrs. Pfeiffer that SKA side Mr. Rametse was not very happy with my appointment at the school. I have heard from Mr. Rametse what the problem is or was and would like to be informed by either Mr. Rametse or if possible what the problem seems to be.I have understood that there was a report that was written regarding work I did at the High School in Carnarvon. As I have said that I have not seen this report, hence at this point I cannot respond to the report. Mr. Rametse was scheduled meet with us today but this did materialize. My actually concern is the fact that I am now been given or offered a new revised contract which is totally different from the contract that I have signed with TEACH SA in the sense that is is much shorter than what was signed. I think it unfair to give somenone a contract(job) and then give that contact (job) to another person without that contract period having lapsed. I would like TEACH SA to explain to me the deviation from the agreement between us. Mrs Pfeiffer did inform me that we will have to go back to the original discussion of me coming into Ms. Daniels' post but it was changed to another arrangement which was concluded in a contract being signed. Also I do not understand Mr. Rametse's role in the agreement(s), because on the contract He/SKA is not as parties in the agreement, and I would like this to be clarified. So in conclusion I would like TEACH SA and myself to continue or work on the contract that was signed ......Mr Elton Charlie Date of:Assumption of duty: 22 May 2017End of Contract: 31st December 2018. And, lastly I am writing this letter in good faith and hope it will be received in the same spirit of working, it just that recent developments I think has not been fair towards me. Is it possible that I can get a response possibly today....we are having a power outage for the whole of tomorrow

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