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Unread post by gemini@1969 » 10 May 2017, 10:22

Good day,

I refer to CR 24(c) and (d) - "Electrical Installations and Machinery on Construction Sites"

1. Must a qualified electrician be charged in writing for the "control" of Temporary Electrical Installations on a Construction Site.
2. The regulation calls for WEEKLY inspections by a competent person - is this also a qualified electrician?

if so, does this mean, that, if the contractor does not employ a full time electrician, they have to now outsource this very expensive task to an electrical contractor who will charge a call out on weekly basis!!!. Please advise what could be done to comply with this requirement, without the cost of employing an outside electrical contractor. Also what does this cover? Is if for DB boards as well, kettles, stoves, microwaves, computers, etc?

Also, this seems a bit too onerous for a smaller contractor and should be taken up with the Department of LAbour advises to re-look at this requirement. Inspections should rather be on a six monthly basis!.

Many Thanks

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