3 different charges

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Domestic stealing cleverly

Unread post by HendrikS » 04 Apr 2017, 09:04

I need advice. My domestic worker has been working for me for almost 3 years now. I recently discovered that my 4 year old daughter's piggy bank gets empty every time we put money in. When the money would get "missing", it wouldn't be a solid R20 for example. It would be a R5, 2xR2, R1, R5 worth of 50c and so on. She even helps herself with my kids sweet tin. And then normal things like washing powder, Sunlight liquid and so on would not even last 3 weeks, never mind a month. My problem is I have no proof that she is the one taking all this, but there is no one else in my house throughout the day. She leaves everyday with a plastic bag full of things. I am not sure if I have the right to ask her what is in the bag. How must I go about getting her out of my house? Her UIF has not yet been sorted out, due to the lack of competency from the Dept of Labour in KZN.

Please can someone give me any advice?

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3 different charges

Unread post by bellabos » 02 May 2017, 18:03

Can you get charged for three different charges on one hearing
1) Gross insubordination - Went to work the morning and then got told in front of all the employees that I am demoted with immediate effect. (I work on the mine). The previous day we were told that we will stay underground for 8 hours and I said to my supervisor I can only go underground for the usually 4 hours on a Saturday as I had a family responsibility that day.

2) Instigation: not going underground and given instruction to my crew. I made arrangements that my crew don't go underground the Saturday so that we can have a meeting with the supervisor due to fact that they don't have the correct PPE also no Miner. I am a Shift Boss and according the law if a crew works underground in the working place you must have a Miner (I have been waiting for a Miner for two weeks) and been instructed that they will work.

3) Malicious or intentional damage to company: Supervisor said I was bad mouthing the company (contractor) in the change house. I was speaking to a mine employee to ask advice what to do due to the fact that I was demoted instantly and that the company is not working to the mine standard and I refuse to work like that as I am responsible for any accidents.

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